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High Performance Active External GPS Antennas for Sprint Airave & 3G Airvana Femtocell

Dramatically increase GPS signal reception and accuracy for your Sprintsmart phones with an active external GPS antenna!

Optimal for use with your Sprint Airave and Airvana femtocell , our GPS antennas provide exceptional signal reception even in the most demanding environments.

A GPS receiver is only as good as the GPS signals it can receive, so why not make sure that you are receiving the best possible reception and signal accuracy with Gilsson's active external GPS antenna?

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GPS Antenna Network Splitter Kit-Solution for Multiple Network Extenders

Gilsson Technologies offers Ultra High Gain GPS Antenna Network Splitter Kit that allows two femtocells to share GPS signal. This kit includes Gilsson 42dB Ultra High Gain GPS Antenna, GPS tow-way Signal Splitter, two 10ft splitter cables. Customized splitter cables are also available. Please visit Antenna Splitter Kit Page for more options.

Gilsson Splitter Solution Kit


  • Heavy Duty Construction: Polycarbonate radome, die-cast base with detachable magnets.
  • Exceptional Performance: 28 dB signal gain from multi-stage signal amplification circuit.
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption: 10mA (compared to 25mA on competing models).
  • Wide Operating Voltage: Wide operating voltage of 2.5vdc ~ 5vdc.
  • Versatile Mounting Means: Magnetic, Suction Mount and Permanent Flange mounting options are available for mobile, aviation, and marine installations.
  • Optional Universal Connector Adapters: FME-BNC-MCX-SMB-SMA adapters, as well as BNC to MCX and MCX to BNC adapters are available.
  • Cable Length Options: 3ft, 9ft, or 16ft lengths available.
  • Portable and Light Weight: Compact footprint (1 7/8" X 2 1/4").
  • Radome Colors Available: White and black (for select models).
  • Warranty: Six (6) months limited factory warranty. MCX Antenna carries Three (3) months limited factory warranty.
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"This improves reception by 75%!!
Best money I have spent!" - SK

Sprint Airave 2.5 & SCS-26UC2
Compatible GPS Antennas:

Customized 42 dB GPS Antenna with Built-in Bracket for Sprint Airave Airvana 2.5 (PASMA42)
Cable Length: 50' 100' 150' 200' 250' 300' and 500'
Gilsson PASMA antenna
Gilsson PAFME GPS Antenna AT&T Verizon
Customized 30 dB GPS Antenna for Sprint Airave Airvana (PAFME)
Cable Length: 50' 100' 150' 200' and 250'
Garmin iQue, StreetPilot, Quest GPS Antenna
Sprint Airave 2.5 Airvana Compatible External Antenna (MCX)
in 3, 9, 16ft
Garmin iQue, StreetPilot, Quest GPS Antenna
Sprint Airave 2.5 Compatible External Antenna (MCX1M25B)
in 25 ft
Garmin iQue, StreetPilot, Quest GPS Antenna
Sprint Airave 2.5 Compatible External Antenna (MCX1M50B)
in 50 ft
Garmin iQue, StreetPilot, Quest GPS Antenna Sprint Airave 2.5 Compatible External Antenna (MCX1M100B)
in 75ft, 100ft, 125ft and 150ft
Sprint Airave Airvana 2.5 GPS Antenna Extension Cable (MCXEXTxx) *NEW*
in 10ft, 25 ft and 50 ft


What makes Gilsson GPS Antennas the best on the market?

Exceptional performance
Professional Review:
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GPS antenna comparison:
See how our antenna compares to Garmin's GA 27C in an actual field test!

Unbeatable pricing
Compare our prices with Garmin and Magellan >>

Gilsson's amplified external GPS antennas are high performance GPS patch antennas with state-of-the-art low noise amplifiers, providing a better performing alternative to Garmin's popular low-profile GA 26C and GA 27C GPS antennas.

Optimized for GPS frequencies, our active antennas dramatically increase GPS signal reception and accuracy for your Garmin GPS receivers while consuming very little power. (Gilsson GPS antennas yield 28 dB signal gain vs only 16 dB gain from Garmin)

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